Family Feedback

I can't thank Joanna enough for all of her help sleep training Luna. Luna had become very dependent on me to help her get to sleep through no fauly of her own. She was waking every hour and I was having to get up hold her and settle her, at times i would bring her into bed with me just so i could get an hours sleep. I was so exhausted I would cry every time she woke and thought things would never change. Then Joanna came along and she showed me the error of my ways, the first week was hard and it tested me but eventually we got there. Luna was able to be put down in her cot for the first time and fall asleep without me constantly rocking and patting her. She still wakes in the night if she misplaces her rabbit but as soon as that is back in her arms she nods right off again. I feel like a better mum and i couldn't have done this without Joanna's help. Thank you.

Amy and Luna 6 Months

We're really thankful and so impressed with Joanna's service! My boy finally slept until 6.10am yay! i thought we were bound for years of 4am wake ups before meeting Jo. Our 10 month old is very active, yet had great difficulty getting all the hours sleep that babies need. Ned mostly fell asleep for bedtime easily, however this was with the bottle which in turn meant he struggled to settle during the night as he didn't have that comfort, therefore he needed rocking back to sleep everytime he woke up. We were in a hole of sleep deprivation!
Jo put together a practical plan that was easy to follow, teaching us about the sleep cycles so that we had the knowldge to deal with night settles. Thanks to Jo, Ned now sleeps for 11 hours a night, is able to resettle himself and we are continuing to use these steps and work on his nap extensions. 
We felt very supported throughout as Jo was with every step of the way and was quick to respond to all questions. It was lovely talking to her and getting her support and I'd recommend her service to anyone struggling with their childs sleep.

Jess and Ned 10 Months

We were having trouble with our two year old going to bed at night and waking in the night. After a few months of sleepless nights my partner and I were taking it in turns to sleep on her floor to comfort her. Just as we were at the end of our tethers Jo offered to help us and help us back into a routine. She was brilliant! She texted, called and emailed with tips and advice and was so supportive throughout! I cannot thank her enough. My daughter is sleeping so much better and only waking once in the night occasionally which I count as a win! So thank you Jo for all your help and advice!

Amy and Alice 2 Years Old

Did I ever think my 14 month old son would ever get to sleep by himself? Stay asleep throughout the night? Not need to come into Mummy and Daddy's bed every night? The answer to all of these questions a few weeks ago was a confident NO!
Daddy and I had tried a few methods previously when it came to sleep training and had been unsuccessful in both of them - we borderline given up hope and accepted that we wouldn't sleep again until Harri was 10 years old!
Then it came to Joanna.

With such a supportive and positive attitude from the consultative phone call with Joanna through to the first night of sleep training, we were filled with confidence that we were not alone and Harri would get there eventually. Always completely honest about it not being an overnight fix, we persevered with Joanna checking in everyday and checking how Harri had done the night before and giving us new tips for the day and night ahead to solve any previous issues.

We are now going into our 4th week of Harri going down into his crib awake and falling asleep himself with no crying. He sleeps in his crib throughout the night with an occasional stir in the night but often just babbles to himself then falls back asleep. We are now also sleeping in until 6:30am -7:00am instead of our previous 5:00am - 5:45am wake ups. This also includes TWO weekends away and an illness spout which - neither of which ruined his routine at all!

Daddy and I no longer dread night time thinking 'how little are we going to sleep tonight'. We now get our evening to ourselves from 6:30pm - 7pm and still get a full night sleep. Overall thanks to Joanna we are an insanely happier, energetic household and we cannot thank or recommend her enough! You will be in safe, supportive and personable hands when working with Joanna. She truly works to ensure that her plan for your child works for you all rather than just a generic routine. 

Again cannot recommend Solo Sleep Consultancy enough to sort out any sleep issues you may be having with your little one and knowing that you are not alone in this!

Gina and Harrison 14 Months