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Hi my name is Joanna! 

I’m here to listen, understand and take action on your sleep needs. I understand the consequences caused by sleep deprivation, feeling mentally drained and perhaps a little post natal depression. 
So what if I told you that you don’t have to feel like this anymore? That you can start feeling the real you again, your family can feel well rested and your child would get all the sleep required keeping them healthy and progressing towards their future. Because together, I can make that happen for you.



Solo Sleep Consultancy specialises in infant sleep solitions for all children aged 0 - 6 years old. 

I can help with issues such as:

Frequent night wakings

Nap extensions and transitions

Early rising

Bedtime battles


Night terrors

Twin or multiples advice

Night weaning

Co-sleeping changes

Sleep regressions

Using gentle sleep methods and offering tailored family sleep plans, helping you and your little one(s) becoming well rested and getting the sleep that is required. 

My approach is responsive, warm, comforting but structured and considerate of your child’s needs, which means you will never be told to leave your child crying.



Sleep is when our bodies repair and replenish. It is very important for a baby’s growth and brain development, general development and healthy immune system.
The amount of sleep a baby or child has will affect their mood, alertness and ability to concentrate and participate in their environment.
Quality sleep is as important to a baby as the nourishment they get. In adults sleep is important for keeping hearts healthy, reducing stress, feeling more active, boosting memory, helping body to replenish, reducing risk of depression and making us more productive. This is no different for an infant.

Newborn Baby


What They Say


I can't thank Joanna enough for all of her help sleep training Luna. Luna had become very dependent on me to help her get to sleep through no fauly of her own. She was waking every hour and I was having to get up hold her and settle her, at times i would bring her into bed with me just so i could get an hours sleep. I was so exhausted I would cry every time she woke and thought things would never change. Then Joanna came along and she showed me the error of my ways, the first week was hard and it tested me but eventually we got there. Luna was able to be put down in her cot for the first time and fall asleep without me constantly rocking and patting her. She still wakes in the night if she misplaces her rabbit but as soon as that is back in her arms she nods right off again. I feel like a better mum and i couldn't have done this without Joanna's help. Thank you.

Amy and Luna 6 Months